Buy 4 or More Sanimals and get FREE shipping!
Buy 4 or More Sanimals and get FREE shipping!
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Our Story

A Friendlier Way to Learn about Keeping Clean.

Hand Sanimals are super cute, but what really sets them apart is their unique and memorable design. With happy blue paws, claws, fins, and feathers, each Hand Sanimal pal features a simple yet effective reminder that keeping our hands clean every day is a super important habit to learn and share!

The bright bubble blue reminds everyone to keep their hands clean!


One day, Chris was talking to his sister and she told him about how she was teaching her son how to wash his hands, but he was having trouble remembering all the details. After that phone call, Chris began thinking... kids like our nephew deserve a friendlier way to help them form such important habits as keeping your hands and fingers clean wherever you go.

So, we started work developing something that could help kids learn about keeping their hands clean in a way that would make it a fun and happy thing to do.

That's how Hand Sanimals was born! Our dream is to help kids and parents teach life-changing habits to their kids and make it friendly, fun, and memorable. Hand Sanimals does just that. And we think they're so cute that anyone, know matter how old, would love to have one by their side.

Our original sketch of all the Hand Sanimals.

When we gave our nephew his Hand Sanimal, a dinosaur named Champ, they were best friends right from the get go. And with Champ’s help,  our nephew is learning that it’s fun and easy to keep his hands clean every day.

Our Nephew with Champ

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